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Lower Prices.  Our prices average about $1500 less than Carmax and Carvana. We acquire our inventory from the exact same places. To prove that our prices are lower, we select cars at random from time to time and compare their prices to ours.

Lifetime Warranty.  This is the most valuable offering we have, and none of our competitors and compete.

More for Your Trade. We invite you to get an appraisal from Carmax or Carvana.  We'll give you more.  We'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours.

Less Expensive Service Contracts. Our service contracts are more comprehensive and less expensive than those offered by Carmax or Carvana.  Because of our Lifetime Warranty our Service Contracts are lower priced.

Lower Interest Rates.  Financing is available no matter your past credit history.  We will match you with the best offering from over 10 banks and credit unions. We accept Tax ID# in lieu of a Social Security number.

ASE Certified Technicians.  The technicians that prepare your vehicle for delivery are ASE Certified.  Carmax and Cavana hire technicians that do not have this important certification. To view our comprehensive pre-delivery check list click here.

Higher Ratings. Including Google,, CarGurus, Yelp and others. Over 1500 reviews, 4.8 ranking on Google.

Test Drive BEFORE YOU BUY.  Every used car is different and you'll hopefully own it for a long time.  It is highly recommended that you test drive before you buy to make sure you are comfortable with the vehicle in every way.

"I went to Carmax, but then I found a similar car at Sound Auto Wholesalers with less mileage and more equipment and saved $1560, very satisfied" - Review from Actual Customer

"We had a vehicle delivered on February 15th.  It was falsley advertised as an automatic transmission, and when it arrived it was manual transmission.  There was also a crack in the windsheilds & the airbag light was on......." - Review from Actual Carvana Customer

Dan Merriam's Sound Auto Wholesalers is Locally Owned. You Get Personal Attention from professionals in direct contact with the owner, in a No-Pressure Environment.  We OutMAX the Big Box Retailer competitors, Carmax and Carvana. We are A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau

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