Some Carmax Reviews

Carmax overall Google Rating is 4.1 out of 5, while Sound Auto Wholesalers is 4.8.  Below are some critical reviews from actual Carmax customers.  

Not sure I'd do business with Car Max again. Passenger side, most lights are out and right turn signal. That is a SAFETY issue and all this should have been addressed before I took the car. Two days later cruise control doesn't work and the front driver side seat does not warm. All on a 2010 Lincoln MKZ. They say bring it into service. BIG problem. I work a 13 hour day Monday through Friday with traveling and they are only open Mon - Friday until 5:30 pm. NO Saturdays.

Bought a car from this location before. Service was very good then.
This time, very disorganized.
They didn't take my name or give me a number just sent me out to the car lot. They said someone would come out and help me no one came. I went back in and there were several people waiting that's what I was told so I left. I will not return to this location.

I purchased 3 cars from Car Max the past few years. I have a 2013 Ford Taurus, woke up to 3 inches of water on the drivers side and back floor. I call them this morning and Terry tells me I can't get you in here for about 2 weeks,,but I can get you seen in about 2 days with another repair shop! My car is filling up with water and that is what I get. So I called the Ford dealer and they took it immediately. Well my car buying days at car max are most likely over now.

Worst after sale experience I have ever had. I will never buy another car from this place again. They are easy going with the sale of the car but after it’s sold to you good luck dealing with service if you ever have a problem. They do not stand behind anything even when you purchase extended warranty.

Looked at a truck was ready to sign until I smelt it. Could have been a flood vehicle. I told them to detail it again and get the smell out and I'd buy it. I called 3 times now and each time i got told we will call you back. Never heard from them again. I'll take my business elsewhere. My thought was when your about to spend 34,000 dollars on a used truck you better buy my business and they did the exact opposite.

Real disappointment. Cars are not well maintained or fixed. Be careful

Had problems with the car I purchased here since the time I pulled it off the lot. I had to bring it in three different times to solve the same issue with an electronic system. A tire on the car blew out during the 60 day warranty (the warranty has tires and wheels listed as things covered under the warranty) and they refused to replace it. Overall terrible experience.

Went there to buy because I thought I would escape the normal BS that goes along with buying a car. I financed elsewhere and was totally "yessed" about everything. The car didn't have a manual so I was told to buy one online and I would be reimbursed. After emailing salesman Warren and being ignored, he finally answers that he can't help me and to contact someone else (without telling me who). Subsequent emails and calls go unanswered, it turns out that CARMAX is the same as other places, they will take what they can and once the sale is completed, they don't want to know from you. If you think CARMAX is different, think again. It probably makes sense to go more local where they care as opposed to sales people just working there for health insurance as I was told by others. In addition, I was receiving texts from salesman at all hours, 9 at night, 5:30am on a class.