Is CARMAX a Good Deal?

Here's a excerpt from an article that can be found online about CARMAX pricing and a link to the the complete article.

"CarMax is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to pre-owned vehicle retailing. It sells more than double the used inventory than their nearest competitor and they make significantly more money doing so. The primary reason for this is simplemost people are overpaying.

A recent report by Automotive News shows just how much farther ahead of the field CarMax is compared to other major pre-owned retailers. In this first quarter of 2018, CarMax sold over 170,000 vehicles. In the number two spot, Penske Automotive sold over 73,000 cars. When it comes to gross profit per unit, on average, CarMax raked in $2,147 per vehicle. Lithia Motors wasn’t far behind at $2,038 while other dealer groups such as Asbury, Penske, AutoNation and Sonic had a profit range between $1,565 and $1,090. Startup Carvana only managed to average $902 per unit"

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